Below are a sample of the presentations that have been given to a variety of groups.

Google Classroom

In introduction to GSuite and how it integrates with Google Classroom as Learning Management System (LMS).

Understanding Your Digital Footprint

The use of social media leaves an impression of you on the Internet. By looking at how social media can be used to find out about people, we can explore methods on how to present and preserve a positive image.

Media Made for Sharing

Copyright, Fair Use, Fair Dealing? What does it all mean? In an effort to help educators and students understand these concepts, we will look media that is explicitly made for sharing.

Knowledge Building Centres for Guided Inquiry

In the Digital Age when Libraries are transforming to Library Learning Commons, the creation of Knowledge Building Centres are a great way to have students learn through guided inquiry.

Flipping Out in Math

Flipping a Math lesson has never been easier. There are a number of web based tools that can customize a video lessons for integration into a Google Form and/or Google Classroom.  We will examine how we can package our math lessons for flipping the classroom.

Formative Feedback with Google Docs

The ability to give feedback to students during the the writing process allows students to produce a polished product.