New Podcast: Brock Baker

I met Brock Baker through a mutual friend and we spent some time discussing OwnYourEd Conference. Learn more about Brock on Twitter @birdsintowords or at

New Podcast: Megan Lowe

Megan is an Australian who has made a home here in Canada. I met up with Megan at the CanConnect Conference in Niagara Falls this spring and took the opportunity to interview her. Have listen and learn about Megan’s involvement with TEDed and her awesome project.

New Podcast: Jane Mitchinson

Today I am posting an interview I had with a friend and frequent collaborator, Jane Mitchinson. We spoke about fake news, journalism, and axe throwing. Have a listen and find out more about how media is becoming more important in how we view world events.

5/5 #5posts5days – The Anticipation of a Holiday

It was suppose to be the last day of my #5posts5days challenge to myself and a few others. However, in my excitement to start my March Break yesterday I did not get my post out on time. But it does raise a question. Where do the breaks in our teaching year come from? I did a quick search for the origins of March Break and could only find that it gained popularity in the 1930’s and it usually coincides with Easter Weekend.

How many of our holidays are based on the Christian calendar and agricultural influence from days gone by? We are off for 2 weeks at Christmas, 4 days at Easter, March Break, 9 weeks for summer, plus a few more here and there. Has there ever been an alternative schedule in Ontario?

When I was teaching in New Zealand in the late 1990’s we worked on a 4 block calendar. We had 50 days (10 weeks) of classes then 2 weeks off. This was repeated 4 times, only the Summer/Christmas holidays were 6 weeks long between school years. It was a great schedule, students and staff were never burnt out and your term had very few interruptions. (FYI Christmas is during the summer holidays in the Souther Hemisphere)

Maybe it is time to get rid of our old calendar and look for alternatives that keep learning fresh and new. What do you think? (Leave your comments below or on Twitter)

4/5 #5posts5days – Doing Away with Subjects

Sorry for the short entry today. I had a family member in the hospital and I wanted to be with them. 

A few weeks ago I visited Beal Secondary School in London to learn more about their Beal Innovates project. What I learned that day was inspirational. They have found a way to do away with subjects and create a true project based learning environment.

I was so impressed by what I saw that I could not help sharing everything that I saw with anyone that would listen. Check out the links below to see some of the really amazing stuff they have going on at the TVDSB.

Thanks to Richard Pardo (@rickpardo) and David Carruthers (@pluggedportable) for sharing their experiences with me.

Thames Valley Innovates

Beal Innovates