2/5 #5posts5days – Podcast with Alison Bullock

This is my second blog post in the #5posts5days challenge. It is not a reflective post but a podcast where I talk to other educators that I have learned from. Also, face to face with your PLN is a great way to spend a Saturday morning.

This weekend I interviewed Alison Bullock (@aliringbull) over breakfast. We talked about her passions and she taught me that knitting was 11th century coding. I always learn something from Alison, have a listen and you might too.


1/5 #5posts5days – Why Blog?

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I want to be a blogger. I want to write things that people are interested in reading. I lack the discipline to publish on a regular basis. I wish I could do it!

I was updating my WordPress site on Saturday morning and I was thinking to myself, ‘I really need to blog more’. I started thinking about why I blog. I always hoped it would be a time of reflecting and sharing.

I do occasionally blog. I interview interesting educators and post the podcasts. I post ‘how-to’s’ for things I have found useful in the classroom or at home. I sometimes write reflective pieces and share my thinking. It is this last point I want to further develop.

When I read blogs by George Couros, Seth Godin, Mark Carbone, Vicki Davis, or Tim King. I appreciate the thought and effort they put into their posts and how they share their thoughtful reflections. These are the bloggers I would like to emulate so that I can become a better blogger.

So how did we get here today? Another great blogger, Donna Fry, saw my blog post on Saturday and we started an exchange of ideas on Twitter. Next thing I know, I accepted Donna’s challenge and posted on Twitter that I would be blogging 5 posts over the next 5 days as a way to jumpstart my writing. A hashtag was born (#5posts5days) and this is my first instalment.

If you are like me and find it difficult to attempt a 30 day challenge and wish you blogged more, join me on this challenge and blog for the next 5 days and see if that gets you reflecting and writing.

One more thing, leave your name, blog site, and Twitter handle in the comments so we can follow you.

I am Carlo Fusco and my site is Shift+Refresh+Me and you can find me on Twitter @mrfusco.

Why Is It So Hard to Blog?

I know that blogging is a powerful tool in developing your writing skills, to share information, to process and develop your thoughts, but why do I keep falling off the blogging wagon?

Yes, as a teacher my life is busy and I have many outside interests to eat up my time. But, I want to be a blogger. That is why I have decided to challenge myself. Instead of trying to blog for 30 days straight, I am going to try a more manageable task. Starting Monday, I am going to blog every day for 5 days. That’s right, from Monday to Friday next week. If I can do this I will try to set up a regular schedule that fits into my routine.

The next question, what will I blog about? Truth is I don’t know. It will be education related and likely have an EdTech angle. I just hope you are there to see how this experiment goes.

See you Monday.

New Podcast: Derek Tangredi

This is the last in a series of interviews I conducted over the Christmas Holidays in London, Ontario with some of the inspirational educators in the TVDSB.

In this interview I had an opportunity to speak to Derek Tangredi (@dtangred) who has a background in Engineering and has pioneered the Maker Movement into his teaching.

New Podcast: Lisa Floyd

Over the Christmas Holidays, I had a chance to travel to London, Ontario to enjoy a Brunch with some of the inspirational educators in the TVDSB.

In this interview I had an opportunity to speak to Lisa Floyd (@lisaannefloyd) who is doing some amazing things in the area of Computational Thinking and Coding with students.