Podcast – Interview with Peter Beens

Today I am interviewing Peter Beens who has been an innovative teacher for as long as I can remember. Interviewing him today was like meeting one of the superstars you grew up wanting to learn from.

You can find out more about Peter on his website beens.org or on Twitter @pbeens.

Podcast – 3Qs with Kevin Brookhouser

I have met Kevin Brookhouser a few times and he never ceases to amaze me with his ideas and enthusiasm. In my final interview from the YRDSB EdTech Camp, I talk to Kevin about the passion projects and how he is making a difference, not only to his students, but also his community.

You can find Kevin on Twitter @brookhouser and you can also find his books on Amazon (The 20 Time Project and Code in Every Class).

Podcast – 3Q’s with Joanna Bull

The 4th interview in a series from the YRDSB EdCamp. This time I interview Joanna Bull and we discuss the idea of Improvisational PD. A great concept and easily something to get people our of their seats and participating in their own learning.

The funny thing about this interview was that we thought we had found a quiet place to talk. To our surprise, it quickly turned into a lunch room with many people coming and going.

Podcast – 3Qs with Jen Giffen

This is the 3rd in a series from the YRDSB EdCamp. This time I am speaking with Jen Giffen one of the organizer of the event and Digital Literacy Resource Teacher with the York Region District School Board. Jen and I have know each other for a while and we have some fun talking about our passions.

If the sound is a little off, it is because we conducted the interview in a hallway while she was running off to do something important.

Podcast — 3Q’s with Stephen Hurley

This is the second interview from my weekend where I had the opportunity to attend the YRDSB EdCamp.  It was a great place to interview some of the fabulous educators I have met online in a F2F environment.

This is the second of those interviews. I did this interview with Stephen Hurley after attending a session called “Introduction to Podcasting”. I thought it would be fun to interview the person who might broadcast my podcast.

If you like what Stephen has to say, make sure you follow him on Twitter @Stephen_Hurley or listen to him on voicEd Radio.