Why Is It So Hard to Blog?

I know that blogging is a powerful tool in developing your writing skills, to share information, to process and develop your thoughts, but why do I keep falling off the blogging wagon?

Yes, as a teacher my life is busy and I have many outside interests to eat up my time. But, I want to be a blogger. That is why I have decided to challenge myself. Instead of trying to blog for 30 days straight, I am going to try a more manageable task. Starting Monday, I am going to blog every day for 5 days. That’s right, from Monday to Friday next week. If I can do this I will try to set up a regular schedule that fits into my routine.

The next question, what will I blog about? Truth is I don’t know. It will be education related and likely have an EdTech angle. I just hope you are there to see how this experiment goes.

See you Monday.

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